Guenther and Students Presented at Midwestern Psychological Association

Corey Guenther, PhD, associate professor of Psychological Science, and several of his students recently presented at the Midwestern Psychological Association conference April 11-13 in Chicago.

Presentation 1: 
The Effect of Vigorous Cardiovascular Exercise on Verbal Fluency

Faculty Presenters:  Corey Guenther and Maya Khanna, PhD, professor in Psychological Science; Joan Eckerson, PhD, professor and chair of Exercise Science
Student Presenters:   Dion Talamante, Mary Elizabeth Yeh, Kimberly Holter, Krystal Hopkins, Megan Forby (all Psychological Science)

Presentation 2: 
Self-Subtyping: Constructing Grounds for Mitigating Threatening Feedback

Faculty Presenters: Corey Guenther, Psychological Science
Student Presenters: Abigail Smith, Grace Lesniewski, and Noah Harrahill (all Psychological Science)