Cultural and Social Studies Students and Faculty Presented at Nebraska GIS/LIS Symposium

Pierce Greenberg, PhD, assistant professor in the Cultural and Social Studies Department, and five students from his Introduction to Geographic Information Systems class presented at the Nebraska GIS/LIS Symposium this week in La Vista, Nebraska.

The students’ poster titles run a unique and interesting gamut of topics:

“A GIS analysis of how open water and wetland habitats change with drought in the Nebraska Sandhills” – junior Brian Newton

“Inefficient Landing Patterns and Sites for a New Airport in New York City” – junior Cameron Nielsen

“Agricultural Production and Food Insecurity in Nebraska” – senior Casey Allen

“Where is the Environmental Justice?” – senior Lizzie Hudson (pictured above)

“Refugees, Poverty, and Income Segregation in Omaha” – junior Owen Wurst

Additionally, Greenberg presented a poster titled “The Lasting Impact of Redlining on Racial Segregation in Omaha” – which received a third place prize in the project showcase.