Political Science, International Relations Faculty, Students Present Research at Conference

At the Midwest Political Science Association conference in Chicago, two faculty and eight students from the Department of Political Science and International Relations presented their research to conference attendees.

Richard Witmer, PhD, professor, presented a paper titled “Punctuated Equilibrium, Indian Gaming, and the States: Politics and Policy after the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act of 1988” with co-authors Frederick Boehmke (University of Iowa) and Creighton alumnus (2008) Joshua Johnson (Kennesaw State University).

Scott Hendrickson, PhD, associate professor, presented a paper titled “Voter Participation in State Supreme Court Retention Elections: The Role of Judicial Performance Evaluations.” In addition, Hendrickson served as a panelist for a roundtable discussion on “Best Practices for Successful Pre-law Advising in Today’s Changing Legal Environment.”

Eight Department of Political Science and International Relations seniors from Erika Moreno’s, PhD, associate professor, PLS 490: Advanced Research Practicum course also presented research.

  • Kathleen Bever “Paid Family and Medical Leave Policy: A Quantitative Analysis of Enactment Likelihood in the American States”
  • Katie Kentfield “Possibilities of Parental Leave”
  • Emily Looby “Determinants of Trust in the Federal Government from 2000-2016”
  • Mariya Nikseresht “Determining the Causes of Successful Democratic Institutional Resilience”
  • William Olsen “Gun Violence in America”
  • Toni Ptacek “A Polarized Environment”
  • Gillian Straub “Explaining Variance in Freedom of the Press”
  • Bethany Winslow “The Diffusion of State Utilization of Private Prisons”