Jiang Presents ‘A Win-Win Strategy to Transform North Korea’

Maorong Jiang, PhD, associate professor of political science and director of Asian World Center, presented his study, “A Win-Win Strategy to Transform North Korea” on Jan. 9 as part of the Strategic Multilayer Assessment Strategic Outcomes in the Korean Peninsula project, conducted by the Joint Staff and Department of Defense (DOD). Jiang elaborated on a win-win scenario for all of the key actors (North Korea, South Korea, Japan, U.S., China and Russia). He argued that the U.S. should acknowledge North Korea’s ability to maintain a carefully monitored nuclear program and accept that complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula is highly unlikely. A recording of Jiang’s presentation was available through an unclassified distribution list of 4,000 people across the DOD, academia, think tanks and other governmental agencies.