Kraemer Article Published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B

Andrew Kraemer

Andrew Kraemer, PhD, adjunct assistant professor of biology, and colleagues from the University of Idaho had an article published in the most recent Proceedings of Royal Society B about color evolution in Galápagos snails in response to bird predators.
Below is a media summary for the article “Trade-offs direct the evolution of coloration in Galápagos land snails”:

A major challenge to understanding diversity in nature is the possibility that multiple forces can simultaneously direct evolution. In this study of Galápagos endemic snails we find that predators and solar radiation jointly influence color evolution in snails. The balance of these forces shifts from young to old communities, such that the impact of predators is most visible in older communities, while the impact of solar radiation is most clear in  younger communities. Complex selective regimes such as these may be the norm, rather than the exception, in the evolution of diversity.

The full article can be found here.