Book Co-Edited by Senda-Cook Published

Samantha Senda-Cook, PhD, associate professor (Department of Communication Studies) recently had a book published that she co-edited.

aca6ec53-c61a-4c43-a4af-fb17861f556aThe book, titled Readings in Rhetorical Fieldwork, compiles foundational articles highlighting the development of fieldwork in rhetorical criticism. Presenting a wide variety of approaches, the volume begins with a section establishing the starting points for the development of fieldwork in rhetorical criticism and then examines five topics: Space & Place; Public Memory; Publics and Counterpublics; Advocacy and Activism; and Science, Technology, and Medicine. Within these sections, readers evaluate a full spectrum of methods, from interviews, to oral histories, to participant observation. This volume is invaluable for advanced undergraduate and graduate students of rhetorical criticism, rhetorical fieldwork, and qualitative methods looking for a comprehensive overview of the development of rhetorical fieldwork.