Tilleman Named NPA President

SPAHP_Tilleman_Jennifer_0Jenny Tilleman, PharmD’02, associate professor of pharmacy practice, has been named president of the Nebraska Pharmacists Association (NPA).

Tilleman teaches the Professional Development Seminar Series for the first- through third-year pharmacy students and is a member of the Admissions Committee and the University Athletic Board and chairs the Pharmacy Awards Committee. Tilleman also serves as a preceptor for pharmacy students with several health-related service activities.

Tilleman graduated from SPAHP in 2002 and then completed a pharmacy practice residency at the Creighton University Medical Center.

She says she enjoys the NPA because she gets to meet and interact with pharmacists across the state and in different practice areas. She says she chose a leadership role in the NPA because as a student, she saw how important it was to be active in professional organizations to advance the profession. “It has been a great learning experience for me to see how we as pharmacists really do have a responsibility to give back to the profession and promote what pharmacists are able to do for our patients” Tilleman says.

Her goals as NPA president are to improve membership involvement and continue the work of the NPA on the Nebraska MEDs drug disposal program.