Annoucing Spring 2018 Academic Service Learning Courses

The Office of Academic Service-Learning is excited to announce the first designated academic service-learning (ACSL) courses for spring 2018. These courses include ANT 418: Healthcare, Society and Culture (Alex Roedlach, PhD), ART 401: Arts and Civic Engagement: Empty Bowls (Amy Nelson, MFA), IDC 320: Jesuit Worldwide Learning: Global Perspectives in Liberal Arts (Martha Habash, PhD), NUR 482: Social Justice and Health (Margo Minnich, DNP), and PHL 390: Philosophy of Law (Amy Wendling, PhD). In addition, two faculty-led programs away courses have been designated ACSL for Summer 2018, including ANT/MMA/NUR 581: Definitions of Health – Implications for Care: Austria, Hungary and the United States (Becky Davis, DNP, Margo Minnich, DNP, Alex Roedlach, PhD) and EDU/PJS 470: Poverty in Appalachia (Alice Smith, MS).