Is it Anonymous? How Long Will it Take? Campus Climate Survey Frequently Asked Questions

Did you know the campus climate survey only takes about 20 minutes to complete? The anonymous survey will be administered through Friday, Oct. 8, and all current Creighton faculty, staff and students are highly encouraged to participate.

Data analysis and reporting is scheduled to begin in December 2021, with an action plan developed by spring 2022. Take the survey now!

Here are some frequently asked questions:

What is campus climate?

  • Rankin & Associates Consulting defines “climate” as the current attitudes and behaviors of faculty, staff, administrators and students, as well as institutional policies and procedures, that influence the level of respect for individual needs, abilities and potential.

Why should I do the survey?

  • Creighton will add to its knowledge base in regard to how students, faculty and staff currently experience the campus climate.
  • Creighton will use the results of the assessment to inform current and ongoing work regarding issues of campus climate for students, faculty and staff.
  • Plus, you could win money and other incentives!

How long does it take and who administers the campus “climate” survey?

It takes about 20 minutes to complete, and is anonymous and administered by our third-party partner, Rankin and Associates

Why is positive climate important?

Research maintains that positive personal experiences with campus climate and positive perceptions of campus climate generally equate to successful outcomes. Examples of successful outcomes include positive educational experiences and healthy identity development for students, productivity and a sense of value for faculty and staff, and overall well-being for all.